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A new day

Posted: 2015-08-17 in art
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So, I spent most of yesterday getting this blog all updated and cleaned up, and writing an artist bio for a website that I’m going to be featured in. Then, I watched Straight Outta Compton and did a wicked pen and ink drawing of Ice Cube.


Today, I think I need to knock out some more paintings for the Square. I have a few more Lips paintings in the works, along with a few more nudes. So it’s time to crank up some moody new wave/90s goth/punk/whatever and rock out.


So I was dicking around in my almost-filled sketchbook last night, and decided to start adding watercolor to some of them, or just straight up redrawing a few.

The first is based on a photo I found of a Russian slum. I liked it, so decided to add it to the drawing I did of Morpheus a few days ago.


This one is just a collection of ball point pen figure studies. Figured a little color wouldn’t hurt..