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…at blogging, at least.

Yikes, sorry about the long gap of no posts. Once I got back on the Square, I started selling pretty well, and most of my time went into making more paintings. And fucking around on the interwebs when I wasn’t doing that. So I apologize.

Quick recap.

Got back out on Jackson Square.

Painted what the hell I liked.

Sold them.

Got super lazy as far as taking care of my health and exercise.

Made enough to pretty much skirt through the summer, and stay at home in the A/C.

Realized that I’ve gotten fat and soft.

Lately, I’ve switched to a vegetarian lifestyle, and started biking 5-10 miles a day to start getting back in shape.

I also have started taking courses in comic-making from this awesome book, Drawing Words & Writing Pictures, by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden. They give lots of exercises and tips that I’ve never seen anywhere else, and it’s been helping me get off my ass and get to work.

So yeah. That’s the Cliff’s Notes version. Let’s see if I can start keeping this baby a little more recent.

Oh, and here’s some of the most recent paintings I’ve made. Ooh pictures…Unwind Swank I Want To (break free) Purple Dreams

Ruby Red

Ruby Red


Finally finished the first two of my Endless portraits, Death and Dream.

I’m quite pleased.


Last night, I finally did my first test printing with Mathilda, the super sexy Canon IPF6400 printer.

While I definitely need to spend more time learning color correction in Photoshop (I HATE having to do anything digital when it comes to art), the end results were pretty damn amazing. I’m printing on Entrada rag bright 300 gsm rollfeed paper with Lucia pigment inks, and the quality is definitely there. All in all, not bad for a first go. I’ll run some more after I’ve perfected the color layouts.


One of my favorite Neil Gaiman quotes, specifically from his Sandman character, Death.

She was actually the reason I started reading The Sandman oh so many years ago, with her funĀ attitude, and super adorable, cute goth look. For the embodiment of all death, she doesn’t let her job get her down. She always greeted each new arrival with a smile and compassion. And she didn’t take shit from anyone, least of all her brother Dream, the titular Sandman. She’s just an all around wonderful character, and I’ve been meaning to paint her for ages. So, while prepping canvases for a week of nonstop painting, I decided to make a diptych of her and Dream. I may end up expanding it to include the other 5 of the Endless, but that’s for later.

So, I’m still working on Death, but here’s a sneak peek for anyone that’s interested.