First test printing

Posted: 2015-03-05 in Uncategorized
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Last night, I finally did my first test printing with Mathilda, the super sexy Canon IPF6400 printer.

While I definitely need to spend more time learning color correction in Photoshop (I HATE having to do anything digital when it comes to art), the end results were pretty damn amazing. I’m printing on Entrada rag bright 300 gsm rollfeed paper with Lucia pigment inks, and the quality is definitely there. All in all, not bad for a first go. I’ll run some more after I’ve perfected the color layouts.


  1. Byron Gates Jr says:

    b…I use Photoshop on everything, it’s really pretty simple. First you need to start with a perfectly exposed HiRez image. Sizing is critical, I find that the image should be set at 500 dpi, size 16×20″, for a great working image I print directly from either a .pds or .tif. There is zero color loss, no compression at all, adjust the size you want down to your paper size when you are handling your printer setup, Print with View> Play with sizing setup>Page Setup, set paper size, Portrait or Landscape and Print. I might recommend that you find a stock that is cheap to experiment on, between ink and good stock, printing your own gets real expensive real quick.
    Set your RGB settings to: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
    Under your Image>Adjustments>Selective color is, for me, the most solid and accurate color management tool in Photoshop, then start experimenting till you find the level that you like best.
    Your art has really come a long way, very professional, best to you Brandon…b

    • Thanks Byron, I’ll give that a try. I should have started learning all of this a long time ago, but alas. Nothing like buying an expensive piece of equipment to make you get off your ass. 😉

  2. A Wild Dixie says:


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