Mardi Gras craziness

Posted: 2015-02-16 in Uncategorized

One more day left of all this Mardi Gras insanity, and we’ve only been to two parades! But between multiple doctor visits, and the nightmare that is trying to get anywhere in this city right now, getting smacked in the face with cheap, made-in-China beads isn’t exactly high on my priority list.

I just finished a new commission last night. It’s a tattoo concept piece for some friends from out of town. I call her Alice in NOLAland.

Ya got Alice with Day of the Dead makeup, the Queen of Hearts decked out as a Mardi Gras queen, and the Mad Hatter reimagined as a Voodoo Priest. And of course, the “drink me” potion is Absinthe. And the “eat me” is an order of beignets. It was a fun piece. And a good ice breaker since I haven’t done but one piece since I got home.


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